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Boosts Yield Capacity Of Plants

Improves The Immune Power Of Plants

Helps Maintain Crop Health Even In An Unfavourable Environment

Can Be Mixed With Any Pesticide Or Fungicide

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    Herbal Aloe Growth Booster Is An Ayurvedic Research-Based Product . Used As A Plant Energiser, Flowering Stimulant & Yield Booster. It Enhances The Plant Canopy & Induces Flowering, Thus Increases the Yield. There Are 12 Vital Nutrients, Which Plants Have To Absorb From The Soil Through Roots. The Roots Have Tiny Veins That Transport The Nutrients To The Leaves By The Process Of Photosynthesis. Deficiency Of These Nutrients Can Lead To Stunning Growth And May Also Show Sign Of Disfiguration And Discoloration. Plants Deficient Of Nutrients Also Tend To Abort Their Flowers And Fruits. This Amazing Product Improves The Immune Power Of Plants And Helps To Maintain The Health Of The Crops Even In An Unfavourable Environment. Mixable With Any Pesticide Or Fungicide, It Is Best Suitable For Crops Like Cotton, Paddy, Wheat, Soya Bean, Chillies, Brinjal, Tomato, Potato, Etc. Give Your Plants More Power And Strength With Herbal Aloe Growth Booster And See Them Yield Like Never

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