Karuppatti - Jaggery Palm



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Palm Jaggery is made from the extract of palm trees. It is dark yellow in colour, amorphous solid with a gooey consistency. Palm Jaggery is obtained organically without the use of chemicals agents such as sulphur dioxide, lime and bleaching agents that are used in the manufacturing process of white sugar. Palm Jaggery is beneficial than refined sugar. It is primarily used as a natural sweetener, cleanses your body, acts as a digestive agent and provides energy. Palm Jaggery is made naturally and loaded with minerals and vitamins. Palm Jaggery is highly beneficial to pregnant ladies to ease difficulties in pregnancy from the 7-month on-wards when consumed in the form of traditional concoctions (Kashayam in Tamil).

Benefits of Palm Jaggery:

Source of Vitamin B complex and ascorbic acid.

Clears respiratory tracts, stomach and intestines.

Produces a cooling effect on the body.

Aids in digestion and reduces constipation.

Provides energy for long periods.

Cures anaemia and beneficial for the pregnant woman.

Cleanses the liver.

Regulates Premenstrual syndrome.

Provides effective remedy for migraines.

Rich Source Of Minerals

Restores Healthy Digestion

Rich In Nutrients

Energy Booster

Active Cleanser

Relieves Constipation