Samai /Kutki / little Millet 500gms



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Health Benefits of Samai: 

1. Among cereals, Samai has been found to have the highest amount of fiber. Its crude fiber content is nearly twice that of other cereals. 

2. Samai is rich in phenolic compounds that show antioxidant activity.

3. This millet is an excellent source of Iron. One serving (30 g) can provide 16% of the daily iron needs for an adult man.

4. Like other millets, Samai is also gluten free. It makes up for the lack of wholegrain fiber in Celiac (gluten free) diets.5. Samai has a low to medium glycaemic index thus is diabetic friendly.

6. It is a rich source of the essential amino acids Histidine, Methionine and Phenylalanine.

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